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      Brushy Brush Home of Children’s Dental Health. Welcome to our sight.  Do have to push your children to take care of their teeth. They do not floss or brush them with out you fussing. This sight is for you.  If you kids do it with out you ever complaining then this sight is not for you. We are here to help promote kids dental health. Tips and Videos to make it fun for them to do. It is also for kids for any age from new born to young adults. Our staff went out and found the video to show you how a child could have fun while doing it.

Brushy Brush  new spoke person for children's dental health

Brushy Brush new spoke person for children’s dental health

Our goal is to give you tips for your children to have health teeth. We spent the time and research so you do not have to .
Are you have problems get your child to take care of their Teeth? They don’t like to do you. You have to fight with them to do it. Let me introduce you to Brushy Brush.  He going to be the new face of Children’s Dental health

Brushy Brush

Home of Children’s Dental Health

He will show them how fun it is to brush their teeth. Http://Brushbrush.com will have shown kids to floss their teeth. Our charter will show them to take care of their gums. Other tips and videos on oral pediatric children care. Dental care and oral hygiene for your child in your home. Take the time to visit and you get your kids excited about brushing their teeth.
Colgate Brushy Brush song
Brush brush will educate you on dental health for all ages. We will even see Elmo and the Muppets from Sesame Street brush. That will get your toddler in the right mode. Brushy Brush would look good with Colgate Brushie Song

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